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Various lucky winners at EBM Izihirwa lottery

Five lucky winners in the just ended 12th EBM Izihirwa lottery of RRA have walked away with various prizes such as brand new smartphones, a television set and motorcycle.

Mr. Bucibaruta Emmanuel took home a smartphone, Ms. Kanyange Rahab, a mother of three was the lucky winner a motorcycle, Mr. Uwilingiyimana got a smartphone while other two participants obtained a smartphone and television screen.

EBM Izihirwa lottery where everyone who participates in it is a potential winner is running since 2015, and some 314 participants have won various awards totaling Rwf, 33.8 Million.

“A friend advised me against throwing away my EBM receipts. He said I should participate in the lottery. Since then I insist on being given an electronic receipt,” Kanyange the winner of a motorcycle says.

Value Added Tax (VAT) contributes up to 32% of the total tax revenues making it an important factor in the mibilisation domestic resources to finance public works. The tax is paid by the consumer through a trader.

“Consumers are the payers of this tax called VAT. The trader receives it on behalf of government. The only way to guarantee the tax will be delivered to government is through obtaining an EBM,” the head of EBM at RRA, Emmy Mbera.



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