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‘We are passionate about facilitating trade,’ RRA official

By Charlotte IRIGOGA:

Rwanda Revenue Authority Commissioner for Customs Raphael Tugirumuremyi said this morning at a workshop on multi-lateral transit framework in Kigali that facilitating trade ranks high on activities the tax authority is passionate about because tax revenues cannot grow in a poor business setting.   

The two-day sensitization workshop on the United Nations Convention on International Transport of Goods under the International Road Transport (TIR) is organized by International Road Union in conjunction with RRA.

International Road Union is governing the Convention on the International transport of goods on behalf of the UN.

Mr. Tugirumuremyi told the workshop being attended by officials from government, private sector and IRU that Rwanda’s commitment to facilitating a seamless flow of trade is a deliberate one.

He added: “There are various challenges to international trade among which is multiple bonds. We have reduced on these through regional integration initiatives and today we are here to listen to IRU. They too have some solutions for us as well”.

“With UN Convention on TIR, Rwandan economy or that of EAC gets integrated into global value chains. For example, you are able to import goods say from China using a single customs document.

It is very ideal for countries aspiring to become regional logistic hubs. This is because in such cases you need to have what your partners have for harmonized trade.

Under WTO, member states have an obligation to facilitate transit of cargo so with IRU you are not inventing the wheel”, Mr. Habib Turki IRU Project Coordinator -  Middle East & Africa speaking at the workshop.





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