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Import Procedures

In order to facilitate trade, RRA Customs Services Department has adopted some special regimes. This includes, Direct Delivery, Clearance on Truck, and Quick Release Regime offloads and Re-load of goods. Quick Release (Q.R) There (...)

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Rules of Origin

Rules of Origin Rules of origin are the specific provisions developed from principles established by national legislation or international agreements (origin criteria) applied by a country to determine the origin of goods. The concept (...)

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Application for pre-clearance. Applications for pre-clearance are addressed to the Commissioner on a prescribed form available at Customs stating the nature of goods and importer. Download the Pre-clearance Form The pre-clearance (...)

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The prepayment facility is used in computerised environment. This is a situation whereby declarants pays first the exact amount of duties and taxes that are reflected on the SAD on presentation of their entries to Customs for (...)

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Post Clearance System

Post clearance audit means audit- based control performed subsquent to the release of the cargo from customs custody.The purpose of such audit is to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the declarations and covers the control of (...)

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Prohibited and Restricted goods

For purposes of implementing provisions of the EAC Customs Management Act, the following goods are considered as prohibited or restricted, whose importation or exportation is: 1° prohibited in whatever situation; 2° restricted by (...)

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Exemptions under the EAC CMA

The following is a list of imprted goods that are provided for under the EAC Customs Management Act

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Understanding the Blue Channel facility offered by the RRA/Customs Services

Blue Channel/Gold card facility is one of the international best practices that is customized by Customs administrations across the globe. It is one of the recommended trade facilitation schemes advanced by international reputable (...)

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Duty Remission

The EAC Customs Management (Duty Remission) Regulations, 2008 IN EXERCISE of powers conferred by Section 140 of the East African Community Customs Management Act, 2004, the Council of Ministers makes these Regulations this 17th day of (...)

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Authorized Economic Operators (AEO)

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Gold Card Scheme Information for Applicants

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