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Quality Assurance Department


To provide assurance on the effectiveness and efficiency of the operating of internal control systems as well as promoting staff integrity. The department also monitors and ensures that quality service is delivered at the least cost with the maximum satisfaction to stakeholders.

Strategic objectives

To achieve the departmental overall objective, the Quality Assurance Department has set strategic objectives for the year 2011 and these include: -

- To ensure that the internal control systems in the RRA are working economically, efficiently and effectively by conducting regular internal audit and quality audit assignments;
- To fight against corruption by investigating cases of actual or suspected corruption, theft and other serious staff malpractices as well as promoting staff integrity;
- To ensure the quality of service delivery to customers, across all departments of RRA, at the least cost;
- To continue the implementation of RRA’s quality policies as a way to be the best revenue authority in the region covered by the east African Revenue Authorities (EARA) and aim ultimately to become a world-class organisation, with the quality of our work demonstrated by certification to a world-class standard: ISO 9001:2008. Since RRA domestic taxes Department was certified, the next target is the the activities of Customs Services Department within Kigali.


Patrick Mwesigye
Acting Commisioner for Quality Assurence
Rwanda Revenue Authority,
5th Floor,
Avenue du Lac Muhazi Avenue ,
P.O. Box 3987 - Kigali
E-mail: commissioner.quality@rra.gov.rw
Telephone: +250-252595504

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