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Embrace EBM II, RRA to taxpayers

 By Mwema Bahati: RRA has embarked on a sensitisation campaign to encourage taxpayers to take advantage of convenience derived from usage of Electronic Billing Machine II (EBMII). RRA Commissioner for Domestic Tax Mr. Aimable KAYIGI told a section of Large Taxpayers in Kigali this week, the new system is the most ideal for management of VAT and stock. EBM II, which is in use on a pilot basis since March is an upgraded version of the current electronic registers that are used in the management of VAT, users have applauded the new version for its comprehensiveness in reporting and management of inventory. Mr. KAYIGI says the new system is a software compatible with computers or devices being used by traders, and is given freely by RRA. Mr. Elie Kwirinda is an assistant financial analyst at Africa Improved Foods: “Being software based EBM II removes the necessity of acquiring different devices that make an EBM. It is next to non in generating timely and comprehensive reports on sales and inventory.” The issue of accurate reports is critical in VAT management because it eases refund process, among other things. EBM II improves tax revenue performance because of its capability to track transactions and inventory right from customs to the last consumer – it is a supply chain management tool – once all traders along the supply chain are enrolled on it. Mr. Kayigi says the old version EBM is in use until replaced via a phase out approach. “Take an example, 37 taxpayers using EBM II for a period exceeding one month, they reported an increase of 21% in sales,” Mr. Emmy Mbera Head of EBM Project at RRA speaking at a past event. Ends 

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