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  • The tax law requires that when an employer makes available employment income to an employee the employer must withhold, declare, and pay the PAYE tax to the Rwanda Revenue Authority within 15 days following the end of the month for which the tax was due.
  • In the case of engaging a casual labourer for less than 30 days during a particular tax year, the employer shall withhold 15% of the taxable employment income of the casual labourer.
  • The first 30,000 (thousand) RWF of the income earned is taxed at 0%.
  • Beginning January 2006 employers/employees shall calculate the tax on employees’ taxable income based on the following tax bands and/or using the formulae provided in the table below as applicable. Employers/individuals that declare their own PAYE can build these formulae into their systems in order to compute the tax due.

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