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Licencing Process

New Application

When you apply fo the fisrt time, the licensing Officer receives the application by stamping “received” on the face of the application and forward it to the Licensing Officer.

  • The Licensing Officer assigns each file a reference number.
  • He/she records the application in a register. The details in the register shall include: name of the applicant, names of the directors/partners and contact details (postal address, physical address and phone numbers).
  • He/she vets the application to ensure all the supporting documents have been submitted as specified in article 6 of this manual.
  • He/she proposes interview dates.
  • He/she prepares an internal memo to the heads of the various sections requiring them to attend as members of the interviewing panel. The memo shall include details as to date, time and venue of the interviews.

Renewals of the licenses

  • He/she writes a memo to the heads of the various sections requiring them to forward a list of all companies with pending transactions (offence files, queries, outstanding bond securities).
  • He/she then crosschecks the lists from the sections to establish whether the applicant has a pending query / transaction.
  • He/she checks for compliance with any other conditions for renewal made by the Commissioner.

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