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Passengers’ Baggage and Personal Effects

Returnees who have stayed abroad for atleast one year and above who have been owning a vehicle for atleast 12 months may apply for exemption provided that she/he fillfils the following requirements: Papers from Rwandan Embassy (...)

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The following is the summary which provides circumstances under which exemptions may be granted ( See Art.1 of Law N0 54 of 31/12/2006 Modifying and complementing Law N0 21/2006 of 28/04/2006 establishing the customs system and (...)

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Prohibited Goods

(1) All goods the importation of which is for the time being prohibited under this Act, or by any written law for the time being in force in the Partner State. (2) False money and counterfeit currency notes and coins and any money not (...)

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Tips for Travelers

What is Merchandise in Baggage (MIB)? MIB means goods, which are carried by passengers in accompanied baggage or private vehicles for trade or business use. These goods are neither manifested as freight on the aircraft, nor are they (...)

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