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RRA introduce EBM Campaign in Universities

Rwanda Revenue Authority started a sensitization campaign on electronic billing machine yesterday in Independent university of Kigali. The campaign targets higher learning students and lecturers in order to improve the use of IT based invoicing, a way adopted to increase not only the collection of value added taxes (VAT), but also provide facilities in every day’s taxpayer’s business. Deputy Commissioner General Bizimana Ruganintwari Pascal called lecturers and students by influencing communities around them to use the EBM. VAT is the tax paid by the last consumer on specific goods and services with added values. The responsibility of the sellers being to collect on behalf of the Tax Administration to contribute to the national treasury, some still resisting and opt to use forged documents and unauthentic papers to confiscate that tax. The tax administration introduced the EBM platform in 2013 to respond to challenges in fiscal issues and revenue collection, believing to have an increase in taxes and improving services rendered to the taxpayers. With the EBM, claiming VAT refund is now easy and more authentic, as people used to claim with forged documents which can lead the tax administration to losses or making the auditing processes longer and an impact to the taxpayers. The electronic billing machine helps in sharing information between the business people and the tax administration. For the business owners, it also helps in staff control and stock management. EBM contributed to an increase of over 6% between 2013 and 2014. The tax administration expects more increase in revenue as people ask EBM during their purchases. The use of electronic billing machine is mandatory for VAT registered taxpayers, mainly those having over twenty millions of turn over annually or five million on a quarterly basis. The tax administration is also looking for other ways to bring EBM machines and software at lower price to allow every business operator to use the EBM, which will also reduce complaints from some VAT registered people fearing to compete with small businesses with no obligation to use the EBM. Campaign of sensitisation for the use and request for EBM invoice will continue in other higher learning institutions and universities as elite people, academicians and researchers have a big role to play in behaviour change and influence to the communities. Mwema Bahati

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