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Tax compliance; essential to schools management

Schools managers from Musanze and Ruhango districts say that training on withholding taxes will improve their management skills in their institutions and increase tax compliance as tax payers This was stated after training for managers and accountants of schools, health centers and other public institutions in Musanze and Ruhango districts have been trained on withholding taxes respectively on Wednesday and Thursday. Priest Jean Claude Mbonimpa, head master of Ecole de Sciences de Musanze said “the training was very necessary because we find a lot of money entering in our institutions and get confused on what is taxable and what not taxable.” He said they knew few about taxation but with that training their sense of responsibility regarding taxes and contribution to the revenue administration will increase in a positive way. Different taxes to be withheld include pay as you earn deducted from remunerations of the employees, withholding taxes from public tenders as well as taxes to be deducted from casual labors of the institution. Felix Ngendahayo Rugoyera, director of finance in Musanze district, said that in schools, health centers and sectors do not have enough skills in taxation, noting that with RRA training their knowledge gap will be reduced. According to Ngendahayo, said gap dwelled on laws as many of the managers are teachers who do not have enough skills in finance, believing however that the improvement regarding tax knowledge and practice will be witnessed. Epimaque Ntakiyimana, vice mayor economic affairs, Ruhango district also called the managers to always bear responsibility of what is done in their institutions and remember that they are for the service to the people. He strongly recommended abiding by the laws governing taxes by withholding these taxes as provided in order to surely and efficiently managing the public finances. Ntakiyimana however commended the tax administration for their training, noting that the district used to train these managers about public finance but there was still some knowledge gap to be fixed. Managers and accountants of public institutions under the Ruhango administrations were also strongly recommended to do the documentation on taxes and ensure that whatever they do in relation with the service to the citizens or with the public budget are in line with law. Training of different sectors of economy is one of the major tasks of the Rwanda revenue authority to ensure efficiency in tax compliance as well as widen the tax base. Through the education section RRA conducts different education sessions to citizens involved in business to comply with tax law as well as contributing to the national income. Angelique Dusabeyezu, head of education division called the managers of these institutions serving the public and using part of the national budget to comply with laws by paying the taxes as stipulated by the law. Mwema Bahati

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