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Business people renting Nyarugenge buildings urged to use EBM

Nyarugenge district has on Tuesday called their renters to use electronic billing machine while paying rental fees as a way to respect EBM instructions. The district has several buildings which are rented by different business operators to get money for the district’s account. All business operators are required to use the electronic billing machine, especially those registered in VAT or those having a turn over which is twenty million Rwandan francs and above. In case the public institution has something to generate money goes in the same category, it has that obligation to abide by laws governing any registered business operator including tax laws. The district has to deliver the EBM invoice when paid for their rent as provided by the laws governing VAT. Nyarugenge administration district strongly recommended renters in Nyabugogo main bus terminus premises to ask for EBM as consumers as well as issuing authentic and electronic invoice to the buyers in their different business. The tax administration enforcement on EBM suggests different penalties to non compliant including fines which can go up to twenty million Rwandan francs. However, Emmy Mbera, EBM project coordinator stressed that the authority r is not too much preoccupied by punishments; it rather does different initiatives aimed at increasing compliance and hence reduces defaulters’ cases among taxpayers. Using EBM invoice in business helps accelerate business activities and support revenue collection mechanism leading to rapid development of the national economy. Items and prices recorded at an electronic invoice must be matching in order to avoid fraudulent practices as it has been revealed that some business operators tend to modify prices of items sent. As business people are required to offer authentic electronic invoices, consumers are also urged to ask and verify their invoices while purchasing. Asking for EBM invoice is a way any consumer can use to ensure that the tax paid during his or her purchase will reach the national treasury. Mwema Bahati

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