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Local Government Revenue collection goes Online

Rwanda Revenue Authority has commissioned a new local government revenues management software that would more than increase efficiency and effectiveness in collection of decentralised taxes and fees, a move expected to boost revenue collection. Speaking at the launch of the new system, RRA Commissioner General Tusabe Richard said that RRA was optimistic that the new software would see the whole system of filing and payment of local taxes and fees automated to simplify the process. “We have adjusted our IT systems in the past to include online declaration and payment options for taxpayers; it is also necessary to introduce automated systems in the payment of local taxes and fees as a means to facilitate taxpayers at all levels” the Commissioner General noted. In addition, the new system will provide an online payment platform to citizens where they will be able to file and make payments from anywhere at any time, thus reducing the time and the costs of doing business. Furthermore, the system ensures proactive and timely communication between a tax administration and taxpayers through internet based platforms such as sms, alerts and emails. The world in which we live is changing towards automated systems, taxpayers’ lives revolve in and we don’t want factors like time or distance to be a disincentive for anybody. The new system offers a convenient and simplified way of filing and paying taxes by reducing the time and administrative procedures in the whole process. The new system is expected to manage registration of taxpayers and properties, declaration and payment, Accounting and Reconciliation, audit and enforcement, tax arrears management and tax appeals. It is also used to manage Rental Income tax, Fixed Asset tax and Trading License as well as decentralized entities fees for instance; market fees, birth, marriage certificates and any other public payable fees. To access the system, taxpayers have to log in to RRA website <link http:>, click on online services or district revenues depending on the type of services they want. Rwanda Revenue Authority started collecting local taxes on behalf of districts in 2013 as a new mandate for the tax administration based on its re-known advancement its IT facilities and expertise in the collection f taxes.

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