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RRA upgrades its website

In order to streamline service delivery to taxpayers, Rwanda Revenue Authority has upgraded its  website. With the previous website, we realized that the most frequently requested services were not easily accessible making it cumbersome for the taxpayers.  In a bid to enhance its service delivery and provide better accessibility to its services, Rwanda Revenue Authority has revamped its website.  All our customer related services are now accessible on the home page. The new layout of the website <link http:>  is more interactive and user friendly based on the various frequently requested services leading the taxpayers to comply easily with its obligations as well as promoting tax awareness. All improvements serve to clearly articulate RRA’s commitment to progressive change and to deliver customer oriented services.  Furthermore, in a bid to improve the VAT declaration process RRA has improved the E-Tax system to help taxpayers avoid mistakes while filing their declarations. From January 2017, the system will immediately be verifying if the filing is correctly done or reject it when there is a mistake and notify the taxpayer about the errors to be rectified. With E-Tax system, RRA remains also vigilant regarding the fight against people misusing the electronic billing machines. In line with our new corporate identity we have also changed the look and feel of the website to continue to build on the quality of service and the trust that Rwanda Revenue Authority receives from the taxpayers in Rwanda that has evidently increased tax compliancy.

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