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Today 24th May 2019, RRA conducted a special tax training for women starting business. This is in line with RRA tax educational programs targeting new registered taxpayers, to equip them with basic knowledge about their rights and obligations to improve their compliance.   Musabyeyezu Liberata from “Mpore Mama cooperative” says the training was so beneficial to them: “We didn’t know much about taxes, I thought one has to only pay Income tax, but in this training they have taught us about different taxes and fees” Some people have a negative attitude about taxes, and think they can’t start small business. Mugorewera Therese, a poultry business owner says the training helped her to understand that you only pay taxes when you made an income. “We can declare zero when we didn’t make any profit! That is so good to know” This training was conducted in partnership with access bank. Mutabayiro Nadine, head of unit in charge of women at access Bank affirms that these trainings are part of their program for women empowerment. “We don’t just give loans, we go an extra mile as to help these startups women to know how to implement their business projects effectively, know about taxes and have a general understanding of how they can succeed in their businesses” The government has made starting business easy by exempting startups small and medium companies from paying trading license for the first 2 years. That new law came into force since January this year.

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