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Requirements to get a Motor Vehicle/Cycle log book and Number Plate duplicate once lost

  • 1. To make an announcement on radio.
  • 2. Proof of payment of 1,000 Frw for property ownership certificate at RRA accounts to be submitted to the Traffic Police.
  • 3. To make payment of thousands two hundred (1,200frw) of loss certificate on Rwanda National Police/Traffic Police accounts.
  • 4. To present a loss certificate from the police with the names and Passport Photo size of motor vehicle owner.
  • 5. To make a payment on RRA accounts number,
    • Five thousands (5,000frw) for motor vehicle log book
    • Fifteen thousands (15,000frw) for one motor vehicle number plate,
    • Thirty thousands (30,000frw) for two motor vehicle number plate and
    •  Fifteen thousands (15,000frw) for one motorcycle number plate


  • 1. Motor vehicle number plates duplicates requested from 7:00am early in the morning till 3:00pm, and are withdrawn from the office on the same day from 4:30pm; while those requested from 3:00 pm are available the following working day.
  • 2. The log book duplicata as well as the number plate are withdrawn by the owner of the motor vehicle/cycle.
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