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Two Indians, one Rwandan suspected for EBM Invoice forgery

Two Indians and one Rwandan are under custody over forgery of Electronic Billing Machine invoices worth more than 30 million Rwf. Robert Mugabe, Deputy Commissioner for Revenue Investigation and Enforcement Department at RRA, explained that the two Indians tried to forge output VAT helped by an accountant who used the EBM of his boss to print out the invoice which would help them to declare input VAT which was higher than the output VAT given when buying. "It’s a malpractice aimed at getting a VAT refund," said Mugabe. Baale Suleiman, CEO of Arrahman furniture limited, whose EBM was used to forge invoices said he gave his accountant the EBM and the sells data controller as the latter asked it claiming that he was going to check at RRA the VAT to be declared. The sells data controller helps print out the electronic invoices, which the accountant used to print invoices. Suleiman said he suspected as he saw the number of receipts increased. Two involved Indians admitted their crime and said "this is the first time’ urging other business people "don’t do mistake" and "follow the laws." They said the accountant came to their place for the deal claiming he has a company that can help them find printed EBM to increase input. The account said he was a consultant to Baale, helping him to do tax declarations from his sells books. However he refuted allegations according to which he used his boss’s EBM to print invoices for other clients. "I never take EBM because I don’t sell with him. What I do is he gives me the books and information which I use to declare," the alleged fraudulent accountant said. Mugabe advised business people to control their sells in their EBM and stocks and what their accountants do for them to prevent that they may be asked VAT which was not transacted. He also urged them to work with certified tax advisors instead of trusting any accountant in their businesses. The deputy commissioner for investigations and enforcement said that the tax law stipulates that tax evasion is subjected to penalties including imprisonment and payment of total taxes evaded.

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