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EAC Revenue Authorities meet in Kigali to discuss integrity issues

Gloria Benimana Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) and Private Sector Federation (PSF) signed a memorandum of understanding with the aim of strengthening business community and improve tax compliance. The commissioner General of Rwanda Revenue Authority Tusabe Richard noted that the private sector is a valuable key player in taxation matter as the tax body depends heavily on business operators. ” Their work gives us revenues to collect” he said. Both RRA and PSF believe that this partnership will increase the tax base and facilitate the taxpayer’s education hence increase tax compliance. Tusabe stressed that compliant taxpayers should also belong to the Private Sector Federation, stating that it gives more advantage to the business operator as the voice of the federation can be much heard by the tax administration than tackling individual cases. Commissioner General highlighted that a compliant taxpayer should also have a good reputation in the private sector federation. Benjamin Gasamagera, Chairman of PSF said that signing of MoU came on time and will benefit the private sector in many ways through strengthening the already existing cooperation with the revenue administration. Gasamagera commended RRA for having entrusted the private sector federation by signing the cooperation agreement, noting that it will encourage them to work even better to comply with taxes and participate in unifying their voice to address tax issues. The chairman of the private sector calls all business people to become members of the federation because it is of a great advantage for them in terms of exposure and taxation. Benefits offered by RRA to compliant taxpayers include Quitus Fiscal and Authorised Economic Operator in customs.

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