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EBM Ease VAT Refund process. Garages and Spare parts business urged to use EBM

The tax administration remains vigilant against tax defaulters and business people neglecting using EBM , commissioner for domestic tax has said. In a dialogue with business people in the sector of spare parts and garages on this Friday, Commissioner for Domestic Tax Department Aimable Habiyambere Kayigi stressed that RRA will not tolerate people for not paying taxes of abide by tax laws including EBM use. He indicated that the only way of avoiding penalties is abide by the laws, stressing that the Tax Administration will not abandon its enforcement mechanism because that is public money. Commissioner Kayigi stated that RRA is never rejoiced with having one’s business closed, but that closing is the last step to convince some of the business operators to comply with tax laws. He gave an example of night clubs where after the enforcement mechanism on the use of EBM some have tripled their taxes. Kayigi noted that one major benefit of using EBM to business is to help in clearly tracking their personnel and manage their stock. He also pointed out that VAT refunds to business people used to delay due to inspection over manual invoices as some would come to claim refund with fraudulent invoices. Commissioner for domestic taxes recalled that with EBM, refund is done quickly by the tax administration as RRA does no longer need more and deep inspection to decide whether to refund or not as EBM gives immediate information. RRA conducts different seminars, trainings and dialogues with different business sections in order to understand their worries and recommendations over taxes as well as raising tax awareness, activities which increase compliance and positive behavior change regarding taxes. Mwema Bahati

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