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RRA staff receive training in investigating tax fraud

By Emmanuel RUTAYISIRE Sixteen RRA staff are undertaking a three-week training on Fiscal Crime Intelligence, a module under Post Graduate in Tax Investigations and Intelligence. The programme is meant to upgrade RRA’s capabilities to investigate tax fraud. RRA’s Deputy Commissioner for Training Department Mr.Evariste Ntaganda says such competencies are not taught at university yet are critical for RRA given the new trends in taxation such as e-commerce and big data, among others. “Take an example of big data which every tax body is dealing with…unless tax officers are trained in this area they will not be able to take decisions out of it. We also want our staff to attain skills in critical thinking,” Mr. Ntaganda. The training is being facilitated by Mr. Mario Eybers, a consultant on Fiscal Crime Intelligence.  Previously, RRA has had to send trainees to Uganda for the programme via an MoU with URA, but for cost effective reasons RRA requested URA to have the course conducted from Kigali. “This has enabled us cut on costs and increase on the number of trainees,” Mr. Ntaganda Ends  

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