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Rwanda hosts EARA tax investigation technical committees’ meeting

Members of East African Revenue Authorities tax investigation technical committees gather in Kigali for 5-day technical meeting to help partner states boost their tax to budget ratio. Technicians discuss legal policy and administrative operational framework and capacity building issues within East African Revenue Authorities represented in the meeting. During their sessions, the two technical committees will study and draw recommendations on action points raised during the meeting of tax investigation commissioners from East African Revenue Authorities. As he officiated the opening of technical meetings, Mr. Gakwaya Lawrence, Deputy Commissioner for Large Taxpayers at Rwanda Revenue Authority said that countries cannot raise their tax to budget unless clear tax intelligence and investigation mechanisms are put in place to facilitate revenues collection from different taxpayers. Gakwaya stated that as countries within the same economic block, it is very important for EARA to work together by sharing information for joint investigation in order to address risks of tax and fraud in their respective countries. He mentioned also that capacity building is vital to close skills gaps in the domain of investigation which can lead to failure to optimize sources of revenues in respective countries. The ongoing meeting held in Rwanda follows two other technical committee meetings held in Uganda and Kenya respectively. 

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