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Medics laud RRA for tax education

Medics working in private health care lauded Rwanda Revenue Authority for a tax dialogue conducted on Sunday in Kigali. Dr Gatsinga Jean Dieudonne, a gynecologist with Polyclinic le Carrefour and chairman of private medical association said:  “We had good discussion which taught us a lot of what we didn’t know about taxes, our obligations like registration, declaration and payment. Many of us did know a little bit about that but we understood the importance of each of them. We found that we can help Rwanda Revenue and it can also help us to improve our career and spear up the development of our country.” Dr. Gatsinga called his fellow medics to know about taxes in order to effectively run medical care business. “When you don’t know what you are supposed to do until another person discovers what goes wrong you are subjected to penalties. Knowledge can help us avoid penalties and make right choices because sometimes you can choose a wrong way thinking that it is the one which will help you grow due to lack of other knowledge. Let’s share problems to raise them and find solutions,” Dr. Gatsinga noted. The dialogue was in line with RRA’s strategy of improving tax compliance by engaging concerned sectors of businesses. The tax administration conducted a tax dialogue with professionals in medical services calling them to operate under their association to have their voice understood. Professional sector is one of categories of taxpayers with less tax compliance, according to findings by the tax administration. Commissioner for domestic taxes, Mr. Aimable H. Kayigi said that Rwanda Revenue Authority had had issues with sectors of business like education and health which say they are non lucrative while charging fees, reminding them that they have similar obligations of paying taxes as other businesses.  Medics requested for incentives in their business regarding taxes as their deal with clinical services necessary to the people. Mr. Kayigi promised them however that claiming investment allowances in their sector can be understood by policy makers if only channeled through proper working association, urging doctors to unite for more formal business knowing the tax obligations, saving the national economy though tax as they save lives of people with medical care.

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