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Tax advisors recommit to defend their career.

 Mwema Bahati Tax advisors have agreed to strengthen their grip on fighting imposters in their line of work and also to build and defend the reputation of their association. This was during a tax dialogue between Rwanda Revenue Authority and Tax advisors held on the 8th Dec.2017 Tax advisors are intermediary between taxpayers and the tax administration as they help the former to comply with their tax obligations. Rwanda Revenue Authority has so far licensed 202 tax advisors, admitted to help taxpayers in their books of accounts and help them during tax appeals as well as other required advice.  However, some inconsistencies in tax compliance are still notable in declarations and payments among taxpayers having tax advisors. Last year, Rwanda Revenue Authority identified and suspended 25 companies which used to sell fictitious EBM invoices. However among them some had tax advisors. Commissioner for Domestic Taxes, Mr. Aimable H. Kayigi stated that the association of tax advisors must be strong enough to fight imposters, noting that tax advisory career is a very key business which needs strong protection to uphold its value. He further recommended that tax advisors should offer advice that benefits both the Taxpayer and the tax Administration to reach a win-win situation. To avoid imposters, the Tax advisors agreed to form a committee that will set up clear qualifications, strong association and license the qualified tax advisors.  “Our career is under big threat but which can turn into big opportunities,” Kayigi stressed. Chairman of Association of Tax Advisors of Rwanda (ATAR), Mr. Martin Nkurunziza called all tax advisors to become members of the association in order to build on their strength and sharpen the career more professionally. “Let’s put together efforts and be more professional,” he said.

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