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RRA continues Tax education as it extends Tax base

Hundreds of taxpayers registered to Rwanda Revenue Authority and got taxpayer’s identification number (TIN) in 2017 gathered for a tax education to help them comply with fiscal obligations recently. Pelagie Uwimbabazi, Manager of RRA in Gasabo district welcomed the taxpayers, thanking them for having committed themselves to contribute to the national development through legal trade proved by business registration. She stated that tax lessons are meant to help them perform better their business operations without any compromise coming from ignorance which may lead them to collapse. She reminded taxpayers of their main obligations of declaration and payment before due dates to avoid penalties. Jeanne Uwigoroye, from Taxpayer Education division of RRA presented them different types of taxes including Income Tax, Withholding Taxes, Value Added Tax, Pay As you Earn (PAYE) People committed to declare and pay timely their tax dues in order to avoid penalties by also contributing actively to development of the nation. Alphonse Byishimo, CEO of Wild Rwanda tours and travels, dealing with tourism services in Remera sector, Gasabo, commended RRA for their tax education program, noting that it very helpful to make newly registered taxpayers comply with tax obligations. He said: “This session has been wonderful to me and other participants because we had chance to ask questions regarding taxes in order to remove confusions. I believe that with this helpful training, no participant will have any challenge of taxes.” Francoise Umwali, CEO of Dynamic Mothers Ltd, working in Ndera Sector, Gasabo district said: “what most excite me is that when I started my business I didn’t know exactly what to do to contribute to the national needs, but now it helps me take right measures, correcting errors in taxes as I have enough skills on pay as you earn, profit taxes and other types of taxes. I will make sure I pay all due taxes before deadlines to avoid penalties. RRA has so far registered 163,800 in his tax registry and calls upon other business dealers to work formally by registering to get TIN to help the tax administration widen tax base hence increasing the volume of taxes to contribute to the national development. Mwema Bahati

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