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New taxpayers in Kicukiro district fascinated by tax lessons

Business people registered as taxpayers in 2017 expressed their appreciation as they concluded a day of tax education conducted by Rwanda Revenue Authority on Tuesday in Kicukiro district. Alphonse Nshimiyimana, Gatenga sector, Kicukiro district said: “I thought that when someone wants to pay taxes go to look for a tax administration’s officer, but with this training I get aware that I can even pay online. I thought that a taxpayer can pay trading license whenever he wants but I realized that there a deadline for each due tax.” Nshimiyimana added:  “It is a must to every citizen pay taxes; this country is ours and we are the only ones to develop it.” Cecile Mukahirwa, Rugarama, Kicukiro sector, “this training made me very happy because I was surprised to be called for it. The good thing about it is that I am now aware that every business person pays according to the profit made,” urging other people to respect tax laws for their own benefits as well as contributing to the national development. RRA wants all business operators to work in formal way by registering as taxpayers, to extend the tax base. RRA has registered over 163,800 taxpayers, and calls other people operating informally to register their businesses and be part of the team which aims at building Rwanda much greater. Drocelle Mukashyaka, the Deputy Commissioner for Taxpayer’s Services at RRA, exhorted business people to become more compliant with due taxes to spear the development of the nation. She said: “The only effective way of supporting our nation is through paying taxes. RRA counts on you to collect taxes and it ensures that you get all facilities necessary to make you do business at ease.”

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