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20 years now, Rwanda is proud of the work done through taxes

The taxpayers’ Appreciation day celebrated on Friday 28 September 2018 which coincided with the twentieth anniversary of Rwanda Revenue Authority makes pride of Rwanda’s development through taxes. Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente, commended RRA for the hard work which has lead to the tremendous increase in revenue collections, pointing out that government planning and Rwanda's vision to be self-reliant largely depend on tax collections. He said: “Taxes are very important for the socio-economic development of the country. We are happy that since 1998 when RRA was established, tax collections have increased." At the creation of RRA in 1998, some big issues faced by the tax administration included poor understanding of taxes among citizens and taxpayers, loopholes in tax laws and lack of technology. Some of the achievements in 20 years include amendments of tax laws to make them be aligned with modern times and help taxpayers improve compliance as well as use of ICT in declaration and tax payment. The umbrella organization of private taxpayers is also confident of the achievement through taxes and collaboration with the tax administration through different engagements. Tusabe Richard, Commissioner General of RRA said: “This is the sixteenth time we celebrate the taxpayer’s appreciation day. Meeting taxpayers at different venues has enabled us to have thoughts and ideas of helping taxpayers and improve tax collection practices.” Robert Bapfakurera, chairman of Private Sector Federation said: “From 2002, we meet with RRA for celebrations of our joint achievements and best taxpayers are awarded. For us as private sector, it gives us pride as we see that the government recognizes our efforts in development.” At the beginning of RRA in 1998, revenue collected Rwf 62.8 billion which was 36.3% contribution to the budget. Revenue collected Rwf1,252.6 billion against the target of Rwf 1,215.2 billion which translates into an achievement of 103.1% in the fiscal year 2017/2018, which is 58.3% of the national budget. The target for this fiscal year is 2018/2019 is Rwf 1,369.4 billion.

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