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40 RRA staff certified with an International computer driving license

Forty staff of Rwanda Revenue Authority were awarded a certificate of completion of ICT literacy program by the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Foundation, on this Thursday. Joselyne Umuhire, one of the forty trained said that they benefited greatly from the ICDL programme which opened the learners to more challenges and opportunities in learning and embracing technology. She thanked the tax administration for offering that learning opportunity. Arlette Munezero, the Acting Deputy Commissioner for IT/IS at RRA commended the ICDL for training staff, saying that the work will be smoother as the staff population acquire basic and modern skills in ICT. Claudette Irere, the permanent secretary in the ministry of ICT and Innovation commended the ICDL for having been a pioneer in ICT and helping individuals and institutions improve their ICT literacy. She called private and private institutions to embed ICT in their activities. The global director of ICDL Foundation said that the organization operates in Rwanda and partners with the country as it meets the qualities of having focus on people, education and ICT. Technology is changing lives and impacts on skills people need for work. The nature of work is increasingly demanding and shaped by new technology. Competence at work today is being determined by the level of digital confidence and forcing an urgent need in digital change as digital transformation drives the market. The world’s economy is ever more being dominated by technology and creating a digital economy. The manufacturing sector growth does no longer hire a big number of personnel but adopting robotics to replace the employees. Services are being automated to avoid personal contacts in service delivery being in public or private institutions, which require that people that people to save their wage must embrace technology and uphold their ICT literacy. However, there is still a big challenge. According to the global director, many people are overrating their digital skill, which hinders themselves from growing technology wise due to their fixed mindset as they continue to lag behind.  In consequence, many technological infrastructure at work places are not fully utilized that is why staff need digital skills to build their capacity of service to remain relevant.     

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