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Students learn taxes as global money week goes on

Grade 10 class students from Green Hills Academy and some from Adventist University of Central Africa students followed a presentation about taxes at Rwanda Revenue Authority this Thursday as part of Global Money Week. These students acquired tax skills as part of global money week organized by Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) in collaboration with AIESEC, a youth International organization with that focuses on developing leadership. potential. The events are organized under the theme: “learn, earn and save.” Drocelle Mukashyaka, Deputy Commissioner for taxpayer services department at RRA, told the students that taxes are pivotal in the development of the nation and exhorted them to learn and acquire important knowledge of taxes. In her interaction with students, Jeanne Uwigoroye, the taxpayer education section group leader at RRA, urged the students to save the little they get from the parents in order to prepare them to save what they will work for in the future whan they grow up. According to David Niyonsaba, staff of EPRN, Global Money Week started in 2012, organized now in 169 countries worldwide with the purpose of educating the next economic citizens of the world in general and Rwanda in particular, their contribution on what money means in economy. GMW targets students from primary to tertiary levels, and the expectation is to reach 10,000 students in 32 Rwandan schools participating this global money week event.  David Niyonsaba said: "we believe that tax is very essential in economic development of the country and the role of young people in the contribution of development through tax."  Stacy Banamwana, a student from Green Hills Academy commended organizers of the GMW and the presentation on taxes, highlighting the importance of paying taxes. She said:" We need to pay tax to build the development of our country...I need to pay the tax, it's a duty not a choice, I know it now." Bihozagara Robert, student from Adventist University of Central Africa commended the organizers of the event for including tax education on agenda, noting that acquiring tax skills at young age help them become a promising future leaders and business persons that will build a greater Rwanda and the world.

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