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RRA introduces MyRRA, a unified system for enhanced Taxpayer Services

The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) has taken a significant step in modernizing service delivery through digital solutions by introducing a cutting-edge system dubbed MyRRA. This innovative solution is meticulously designed to empower taxpayers by consolidating all services within a unified portal.

Starting with VAT-registered businesses, MyRRA enables seamless submission of tax declarations and online payments. As RRA prepares to extend these services to all taxpayers, the latter can view their tax account status across various tax types, review outstanding tax amounts, and anticipate upcoming declarations through the MyRRA system.

During the launch event at RRA Headquarters, RRA Commissioner General, Mr. Bizimana Ruganintwali Pascal, revealed that this new system will consolidate tasks from various RRA systems, such as E-Tax, Rwanda Automated Local Government Taxes (RLGMS), Non-Fiscal Revenue Services (NFR), and Rwanda e-Single Window (RESW).

"Through consultations with taxpayers, we observed that managing multiple web applications posed challenges in credential management and risked unintentional oversight of obligations due to incomplete status information with the Revenue Authority," said Mr. Ruganintwali.

"We believe that MyRRA will enhance transparency and efficiency in tax administration and overall service delivery."

The successful realization of this milestone is attributed to the collaboration between the Government of Rwanda and the Republic of Korea, initiated in 2018 through the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

The project, "Enhancement of EBM System and Development of Taxpayer Relationship Management System," was conducted over the past five years. It has a total scale of 6.1 million USD and will conclude in the current year, 2023.

Key outputs include the development of EBM 2.1 and the MyRRA Portal, as well as the enhancement of the capabilities of RRA and Rwandan IT Personnel.

The Korean Ambassador to Rwanda, H.E. Woo-jin JEONG, congratulated RRA and KOICA for the notable achievement of the MyRRA system.

He commended the RRA for modernizing service delivery systems through digital solutions, enhancing transparency in tax governance.

"This user-friendly interface facilitates seamless interaction between taxpayers and tax management, fostering more efficient and client-focused services. In this regard, I believe both countries can establish a master plan for tax policy and management based on the success of the EBM concept," he added.

He underscored that the successful launch of MyRRA positions Rwanda as a trailblazer and a model country for e-tax policy in Africa.

Jeanne Françoise Mubiligi, the Acting Chairperson of the Rwanda Private Sector Federation, commended this digital solution, anticipating a reduction in the time spent navigating various initial systems. The solution is poised to spare businesses from preventable penalties.

"We anticipate numerous benefits, especially for new businesses that inadvertently overlooked essential tax obligations, including declarations, even before commencing operations. Some of our private sector members have faced such challenges, and we are optimistic that this new system will comprehensively address these issues. By proactively reminding businesses of upcoming tax obligations, like declarations, we believe it will significantly enhance compliance," she stated.

The launch of MyRRA coincides with several initiatives aimed at simplifying tax obligations, including tax law reforms alleviating the tax burden.

With the recent approval of the Medium-Term Revenue Strategy (MTRS) implementation plan by the cabinet, alongside other solutions currently being implemented, improvements in compliance are expected.

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