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The Rwanda Revenue Authority was established under Law No 15/97 of 8 November 1997 as a quasi-autonomous body charged with the task of assessing, collecting, and accounting for tax, customs and other specified revenues. This is achieved through effective administration and enforcement of the laws relating to those revenues. In addition, it is mandated to collect non-tax revenues.

The Authority is also responsible for providing advice to the Government on tax policy matters relating to revenue collections. It performs other duties in relation to tax administration, as may be directed from time to time by the Cabinet.

RRA vision

“To become a world-class efficient and modern revenue agency, fully financing national needs.”

RRA mission statement

“Mobilise revenue for economic development through efficient and equitable services that promote business growth.”

We are Customer-Focussed:

We treat our customers with fairness and equity,

We cater for our customer needs when delivering services,

We are open to customer concerns, ideas and criticism for our continuous improvement.

We act with Integrity:

We are honest, sincere and have high ethical standards,

We are fair and considerate in our treatment to others,

We show respect, courtesy and tolerance to the views of others,

We are open and work with clarity and consistency in dealing with our customers.

We are Accountable:

We embrace our government given mandate and trust for revenue collection and endeavour to deliver on it

We assume responsibility for our decisions and actions as they affect our customers,

We are open, reliable and transparent in dealings with our customers.

We work as a Team:

We empower our people

We involve our staff

We value team work

We are engaged.

We are Professional:

We commit to provide quality services to our clients

Our work always aims to provide solutions to our clients

We embrace best practice and innovations for continuous improvement,

We demonstrate confidentiality in dealing with our customers,

We commit to work with Passion.

The Structure

This includes the shape and type of the logo in a rose form. The structure symbolizes three elements:

-Unity and Equity;
-Growth and Development; and



The Colors to the logo which are Green, Blue and Orange symbolizes the following:

Green: Health environment, Harmony, Growth and Prosperity;

Blue: Universal, Light Friendly and Calm;

Orange: Essential, Sincere, Commitment and Strength.

The change logo shall be reflected change in attitude, service delivery, opportunities, best practices and approaches of the tax administrators towards taxpayers.

The Authority was established as part of the reform programme by the Government of Rwanda designed to restore and strengthen the main economic institutions of the country. Additionally, the Government wanted to improve its resource mobilisation capacity while providing the public with better quality and courteous services. In a bid to mobilise more resources the Authority is therefore required to assist taxpayers in understanding and meeting their tax obligations thus raising their compliance.


Commissioner General
Tel: 0788185523
E-mail: cg@rra.gov.rw


Deputy Commissioner General
Tel: +250788185502
E-mail: dcg@rra.gov.rw


Commissioner for Customs  Department 
Tel: 0788185150
E-mail: customs@rra.gov.rw


Commissioner for Domestic Taxes Department 
Tel: 0788185503
E-mail: commissioner.domestic@rra.gov.rw

Mr. MAJYAMBERE Felix Aimable

Commissioner for Legal Services and Board Affairs Department 
Tel: 0788185513
E-mail :legal@rra.gov.rw


Commissioner for IT and Digital Transformation
Tel: 0788185505
E-mail: it@rra.gov.rw

Mr. HITIMANA Jean Pierre

Commissioner for Finance Department 
Tel: 0788185539
E-mail: commissioner.finance@rra.gov.rw

Dr. MURASI Innocente

Commissioner for Strategy and Risk Analysis Department 
Tel: 0788185839
E-mail: corporate.riskmanagement@rra.gov.rw


Assistant Commissioner in charge of Customs Operations

E-mail: customs@rra.gov.rw

Ms. GATERA Yvonne

Assistant Commissioner in charge of Customs Operations Support

E-mail: customs@rra.gov.rw


Assistant Commissioner in charge of Taxpayer Audit Division
Tel: 0788185506
E-mail: dclto@rra.gov.rw

Mr. GAYAWIRA Patrick

Assistant Commissioner in charge of Debt Management Division 
Tel: 0788185507
E-mail: dcsmto@rra.gov.rw


Assistant Commissioner in charge of Provincial and Decentralized Revenue Division 
Tel: 0788185572
E-mail: info@rra.gov.rw

Mr. KAGAME Charles

Assistant Commissioner in charge of Strategic Intelligence and Investigation Division
Tel: +250 788185509
E-mail: rpd@rra.gov.rw

Mr. UWITONZE Jean Paulin

Assistant Commissioner in charge of Taxpayer Services and Communications Division
E-mail: ac.tps@rra.gov.rw

Mr. MUKAMA Denis

Assistant Commissioner in charge of Planning, Research and Statistics Division
Tel: +25078818551
E-mail: planning@rra.gov.rw


Assistant Commissioner in charge of Human Resources Division
Tel: 0788185508
E-mail: hr@rra.gov.rw

Mr. KAZENGA Emmanuel

Assistant Commissioner in charge of Revenue Accounting Division
Tel: 0788185414
E-mail: finance@rra.gov.rw

MR. NGABONZIMA King Geoffrey

Assistant Commissioner in charge of Risk Management and Data Analytics Division 
Tel: 0788185839
E-mail: corporate.riskmanagement@rra.gov.rw


Assistant Commissioner in charge of Administration  and  Logistics Division
Tel: 0788185595
E-mail: administration@rra.gov.rw

Mr. Mbera Rukamirwa Emmy

Assistant Commissioner in charge of Tax Control and Operational Support Division
Tel: +250788185702

E-mail:  info@rra.gov.rw 

Mr. Kinyunguti Adrien

Assistant Commissioner in charge of Filing and Payment Monitoring Division
Tel: +250788185500

E-mail:  acrfp@rra.gov.rw

Mr. Mwebaze Augustine

Single Project Implementation Unit Coordinator

Email: info@rra.gov.rw


Advisor to the Commissioner General
Tel: 0788185520

E-mail: info@rra.gov.rw

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