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Digital Stamps Management

Requirements to be fulfilled by new local manufacturer of products subject to tax stamps before getting tax stamps,

Frequently Asked Questions

Find a list of frequently asked questions and their answers

Investors Starter Pack

All you need to know about investing in Rwanda, and a contact list for immediate assistance.

Registration and De-registration

All you need to know about business registration and de-registration

Income Tax

Here you will find more about Personal Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax computation and declaration process.

Pay as you Earn

Find out how Pay As You Earn is calculated

Electronic Billing Machine

All you need to know about electronic invoicing solutions (EBM)


Here you will find out more about Pension scheme and Medical Insurance Schemes

Consumption Tax

Find here a list of products subject to consumption tax and their respective rates.

Value Added Tax

More information on VAT registration, computation, exemptions and refund.

Withholding Taxes

You can find key information about withholding taxes - types of withholding tax, dividends, penalties and interests.

District Revenues

Here are further specifics on immovable property tax, rental income tax, trade license tax, fees and charges

Motor Vehicle Services

Key information about motor vehicle ownership transfer, request for a lost yellow card, etc

Other Services

Details on other services provided by RRA such as Tax Clearance Certificates and Quitus Fiscal.

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