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Tax Laws

Get access to all tax laws, rulings and other tax procedures.

Tax Handbook and Brochures

Summarized information about taxes and a simplified guide to understanding the tax laws and procedures

RRA Tax statistics

You have access to all Tax Statistics from 2015, officially published by RRA.

RRA Research Reports

Research reports carried out by the Tax Administration are published here.

Income Tax Annex Tutorial and FAQ

Here you will find information related to Income Tax Taxpayer annexes

RRA Service Charter III

Here is a catalogue of our services, requirements, cost, and time taken to deliver

RRA Annual Reports

You can easily access our performance annual report since 2015.


Download for free EAC Gazettes for your reference.

RRA Strategic Plans and Action Plans

Get access to our strategic and action plan since 2015.

Double Taxation Agreement

Find a series of Double Taxation Agreements for your reference.

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