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Burkina Faso delegation conduct a study visit to RRA

A high-level delegation from Burkina Faso held discussions with the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) during its study visit to Rwanda from January 14 to 20, 2024.

Led by the Director of the Cabinet of President of Burkina Faso, Martha Céleste Anderson Dekomwin Medah, the delegation was received by Deputy Commissioner General Jean-Louis Kaliningondo, who shared progress in digitizing services for taxpayers and tax administration.

This study visit was initiated at the behest of the Office of the President of Burkina Faso to benchmark the tax administration system and management in Rwanda. The objective is to optimize the efficiency of tax collection and revenue collection.

The delegation focused on evaluating domestic tax services and revenue mobilization strategies, including registration, income tax, incentives, VAT, district revenues, withholding taxes, etc. Additionally, the delegation explored the digitalization of tax administration and management, as well as the evolution of tax declaration and payment processes in Rwanda.

RRA shared its strategies for internal revenue collection, such as EBM, an electronic invoicing system initiated since 2013, facilitating tax administration control.

“The electronic invoicing system is crucial for both taxpayers and tax administration. It enables traders to monitor stock entries and exits throughout the year, facilitating sales traceability and determining the taxable amount, for example, income tax or value-added tax. Even in the case of product destruction, evidence must be provided,” added Kaliningondo.

To further simplify procedures for taxpayers, various systems used in all tax procedures, such as EBM, E-TAX, LGT, and RESW, have recently been consolidated into a single system called “MyRRA”.

Deputy Commissioner General Jean-Louis Kaliningondo further elaborated more about RRA institutional restructure, and other reorms udertaken for effective operation.

During the discussions, officials talked about integrating the Rwanda Revenue Office with the systems of other public institutions such as Rwanda Social Security Board, Rwanda Development Board, National Identification Agency, among others. The aim is to further streamline services to taxpayers.

Martha Céleste Anderson Dekomwin Medah commended RRA's efforts in modernizing its operations using advanced technologies. “We consider RRA as a model for tax administration, and we count on you as we attempt to modernize tax payment in Burkina Faso,” he declared.

They promised to maintain contact to work together on the development of tax administration and the well-being of the populations of both countries.

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