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Rusumo one stop border post and international bridge officially open

Rwandan President Paul Kagame and his Tanzanian counterpart Dr. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli have officially opened the Rusumo one stop border post and International Bridge linking the two countries this Wednesday. The opening coincides with the historic first state visit of newly elected Tanzanian president. The two heads of states accompanied with the two first ladies stated that the activities done were sign of god relationship between both countries which they reiterate its importance to sustain. HE President Paul Kagame stressed on the importance of peace in social and economic transformation of the two neighboring countries saying: “Peace is the foundation of the kind of cooperation that has potential to transform our two nations.” The Rwandan head of called citizens of the two nations to grab the opportunities of having infrastructure in place by increasing their economic activities as well as preserving them from destruction. “We want trade to increase because that will be to the benefit of both the people of Rwanda and the people of Tanzania,” H.E Kagame pointed out, adding that friendship between the two counties will grow on annual basis. On his side, Tanzanian President and head of EAC summit head of states commended the president of Rwanda for having invited him for a state visit, reiterating the importance of being good neighbors and turning opportunities into potentials as he called the two nations particularly and the EAC region in general for more actions towards self transformation. As Tanzania is one of the greats Rwandan doors to sea, Dr. Magufuli called Rwandans business people to utilise the port of Dar es Salaam. He noted that 70% of Rwandan customs businesses pass by Tanzania, saying that with that good increasing relationship they can even go up to hundred per cent. He commended the relationship of the two nations based business exchange, describing it as a ‘true neighborhood” as he called people for more business actions towards development. Magufuli stated that the EAC and Africa have great resources that can make the continent to develop. “With a population of 165 million within EAC, we will be able to build economy of our countries. What we need is to exploit resources given by good for the development of our countries. When we stay together we will move.” Customs officers of Tanzania and Rwanda work in the same buildings to facilitate cargo clearance crossing within the two neighbors. At average, Rusumo one stop border post receive daily about two thousand people crossing for different reasons mainly business, but President Kagame has called for the increase of that number to quicken business. The two facilities opened will increase businesses and break barriers of delays in cargo clearance in the EAC transformational agenda in EAC trade facilitation The new Rusumo international bridge constructed has capacity to support 180 tones trucks, replacing the old bride. At average, 145 cargo trucks cross the bridge per day since it stated its operations one month ago. Rusumo one stop border post quicken migration as well customs services. Time for service delivery reduced from ten minutes to one minute in migration, while in customs, time to clear truck with full documentation reduced from one hour to 20 minutes. The two heads of states commended the support of the Japan through its Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the African Development Bank for their huge contribution in availing the two infrastructure.

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