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Registration and De-registration

Taxpayer Registration

Any person who sets up a business or other activities that may be taxable is obliged to register with the Tax Administration within a period of seven (7) days from the beginning of the business or activity or the establishment of the (...)

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Fixed amount of fines A taxpayer or any person is subject to a fine if he or she fails to: 1° file a tax declaration on time;2° file a withholding declaration on time;3° withhold tax;4° provide proofs required by the Tax (...)

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De-registration is where a taxpayer applies to have his name/business removed from the records of the RRA in order not to be obliged to declare a certain tax basing on certain present conditions. Non-filing of returns is not an (...)

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Here you will find different samples of the forms used for different taxes. The forms you find here are not used for declaration, they are just samples, for the actual declaration forms you have to pick them from RRA Offices or (...)

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