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  • To present the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) registration certificate;
  • To pay all customs taxes and duties before requesting tax stamps;
  • To register both company and products in Digital stamps management system through https://excisestamps.rra.gov.rw/login

The Mobile Verification Application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store

The prior motto of this Mobile application is to verify the products (Alcohol / Tobacco) is genuine or not. You can fetch the Tax Stamp Details by scanning / Typing the QR code found in the Tax Stamps, each QR code will have its own specified data embedded to it.
By Scanning / Typing the QR Code he / she will get  the following details                                                                     

  • Name of the Manufacturer / Importer
  • Product Details (Name, Brand, Quantity)
  • Tax Stamp Details (Activated Date, Status

When the Tax Stamp is Scanned the application will connect with the RRA Central Server and it will fetch the corresponding data of that Tax Stamp
If the Tax Stamp is Genuine the following data will be fetched from the RRA Central Server

  • Company Name
  • Product Name
  • Brand
  • Description
  • Classification
  • Activated Date
  • Status

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