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Export Procedures


Goods for exportation other than goods to which the provisions of regulations 132, 133, 134 and 135 apply shall be entered using form C17 Form.

[Policy statement:The Department shall endeavour to facilitate the exportation of goods from Rwanda subject to such terms and relevant authorities in respect of goods being exported may lay down conditions as. Goods may only be exported or accepted for carriage for export after such declaration or other acceptable documentation has been delivered to Customs, by the exporter or agent, and duly processed.

Prohibitions and Restrictions of exports

The goods specified in Part A of the Third Schedule are prohibited goods and the exportation of the goods is prohibited (Section70 (1)) of the EAC CMA. The goods specified in Part B of the Third Schedule are restricted goods and the exportation of the goods, save in accordance with any conditions regulating their exportation, is prohibited ((Section70 (2)) of the EAC CMA. Customs Officers must therefore ensure that regulations in force for the control of restrictions and prohibitions of exports of any particular goods are observed.

Required Customs Procedure Codes.

Goods for Commercial Use

Goods for commercial use intended for export must be entered on Customs declaration. The Customs procedure code to be entered will depend on the nature of the goods to be exported as per Customs Procedure Codes.

Travellers Samples and Temporary Exportations.

Where goods are being exported as samples or being exported for purposes of repair or replacement due to faulty manufacture, a duly completed declaration must be presented to Customs. Failure to do so may result into full duty being collected on such goods upon return to Rwanda.

Re-exportation of Goods


The office charged with the responsibility of monitoring exports should scrutinize supporting documents such as Invoice, Consignment Notes, Packing List, Certificate of Origin and Certificate of Quality. Once satisfied with the way information has been entered and that the goods are not being exported contrary to export control regulations, the declaration should then be assessed, payment of processing fees and any other fees processed in Single Window system followed by issuance of receipt and release order to the clearing agent.

THIRD SCHEDULE (ss. 70, 71, and 72)



All goods the exportation of which is prohibited under this Act or by any written law for the time being in force in the Partner States


1. (a) all goods the exportation of which is regulated under this Act or of any law for the time being in force in the Partner States;(b) waste and scrap of ferrous cast iron.(c) timber from any wood grown in the Partner States (d) fresh unprocessed fish (Nile Perch and Tilapia)

(e) wood charcoal.

2. The following goods shall not be exported in vessels of less than two hundred and fifty tons register.

(a) warehoused goods.(b) goods under duty drawback.(c) transhipped goods.

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