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The prepayment facility is used in computerised environment. This is a situation whereby declarants pays first the exact amount of duties and taxes that are reflected on the SAD on presentation of their entries to Customs for processing.

Prepayment Account Numbers

Each declarant is given an account number which is his Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Although the TIN is national, the Prepayment Account Number is managed per office of clearance.

Customs accept no responsibility for delays in clearance arising from an insufficient balance existing in the account. No entries will be cleared until the account is restored to a credit balance. A statement of the account is produced by the computer (when required) detailing entries cleared against the account number, any credit amounts paid in during the period since production of the previous account statement and the account balance.

On assessment, money in the prepayment account is automatically transferred into the RRA Account. Assessment notices are not going to be generated. If the amount transferred into revenue is less than the amount paid in the prepayment account, a credit balance will remain in the account. Such monies can be used for future importations.

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