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Tips for Travelers

What is Merchandise in Baggage (MIB)?

MIB means goods, which are carried by passengers in accompanied baggage or private vehicles for trade or business use. These goods are neither manifested as freight on the aircraft, nor are they for the personal use of the passenger.

What goods are included:

  • goods acquired for your company;
  • goods for sale;
  • spare parts
  • trade samples, etc;
  • goods on which you are claiming relief from duty or VAT
  • Whether or not they are,
  • Permanently imported;
  • Temporarily imported;
  • In transit;
  • Liable to
  • Customs charges or
  • Returned goods.

What must I do?

If you are carrying MIB in your baggage or private vehicle, you must declare it to Customs. If there are no separate Red and Green Channels, go to the Customs office.

What if I fail to declare the goods?

You may lose the goods and be liable to prosecution, or a fine.

Can I use a Customs clearance agent?

If the goods are worth more than 500,000 Rwf. including freight costs and insurance (CIF), you will be required to use an agent to deal with the formalities for you. As a legal declaration is required, a Customs officer can only give you general advice.
It will save you time if you arrange for an agent to meet you when you arrive. If the goods are worth less than 500,000Rwf, it is not necessary to employ an agent.

What if the goods are in transit?

You must declare ithem at customs. You can either pay Customs charges, determined by the Customs officer in regard of the value of marchandise as a guarantee that these goods are in transit and will be exited. The amount payed at Costoms entry point shall be refunded to you at the exit point on decaring the marchandise on the Custons Officer at the exit border post.

NB. To avoid transit delays and possibly missing your connecting flight, you are advised whenever possible to carry MIB in your hold baggage for clearance at your final destination.

What if I am in transit by air with MIB in my hold baggage?

You do not have to declare it here. It cannot be dealt with until you clear your hold baggage at your final destination.

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