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A compilation of incentives and other facilities for investors under the new law related to investment promotion and facilitation in Rwanda.


The Tax Handbook is a compilation of all tax process and procedures in Rwanda.


After reviewing the law No 26/2005 of 17/12/2005 relating to investment and export promotion and facilitation, a new law No 06/2015 of 28/03/2015 relating to investment promotion and facilitation in Rwanda has been introduced to create a more conducive business environment for investors.


Law No 026/2019 of 18/09/2019 on Tax Procedures. This law provides tax procedures for Personal Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Property Tax on vehicles and boats, Tax on gaming activities, Tax on precious metal, Tax on purchased goods, and any other tax as may be prescribed by the law.

i_og_n___special_of_10_10_2019 uburyo_isoresha_tax_procedures.pdf

Law No 016/2018 of 13/04/2018 establishing Taxes on Income.

This law relates to the Taxes on Income: Person Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Withholding Tax and Capital gain tax.


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