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Tax Clearance Certificate (Attestation de Non Créance -ANC) is a certificate issued by RRA to a taxpayer to certify that s/he owes no tax debt to the Authority. This certificate is requested in most business transactions by individuals, companies and/or institutions for many reasons: bid for public contracts, demand for bank credit, commercial register, change of destination for goods in customs, and so on. RRA installed computerized system software called SIGTAS which enables to analyse the taxpayers’ data in order to issue him/her the tax clearance certificate within one working day.

Note; A taxpayer who is found with an outstanding tax debt to the RRA is issued a Tax Indebted Certificate. The RRA however, in bid to facilitate businessmen, provides for mutual understanding on how and when this outstanding debt will be settled and then upon agreement, the taxpayer is recommended to participate in bidding for government tenders.


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